Sunday 9:30AM   - Worship practice Sunday 9:50AM   - Sunday School Sunday 11:00AM - Worship Service
Wednesday 6:30PM - Bible Studies for adults with nursery available. Friday           6:30PM - Youth Nights
We are a community church.

If you were a "fly on the wall" and observed us from week to week; you would probably conclude that we are:

  • More cowboy than corporate;

  • More casual than classy.

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Did you know that God loves YOU as much as He loves anyone in the world?  It's hard to grasp that, but according to the Bible, its true.  God placed you right where He needs you --- the family, the job, the place you live, your race, your gender, your physical & emotional capabilities, your disabilities and your strengths -- NONE of them are a surprise to God -- ALL of them serve a purpose in your life.

That purpose is served when you choose to follow Jesus Christ in this life.  Much like choosing a fork in the road, each of us must choose to follow one of two roads:  

  • A life given to self; with times of uninhibited pleasure, yet filled with doubt and fear of the unknown.

  • A life given to Jesus; with times of joy and sorrow, yet filled with peace and satisfaction for serving others.

The road you choose determines the fruit you enjoy.

Choose  Wisely

Choose  Wisely

Choose  Wisely

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